2022 Sales Enablement Provider Report

InfoTech’s is a 3rd-party research group who aims to help prospective buyers make confident purchasing decisions armed with insights from real customers.
The result reports are 100% founded in user review data and are free of traditional “magical” components such as market presence and analyst opinion, which are opaque in nature and may be influenced by vendor pressure, financial or otherwise.
InfoTech surveyed customers of the top 12 market providers thoroughly reviewing their experience in the following categories:

  • User satisfaction rankings
  • Vendor capability comparisons
  • Business value scores
  • Individual feature evaluations
  • Emotional connection to products

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Accent Ranks #1 for Customer Likeliness to Renew

AI automatically tracks, organizes, and scores all content used in sales and marketing activities. Actionable reports give you the entire picture on content performance. Not only is top content surfaced, it gives insights on which personas are engaging with it as well. 

Accent Customer Support Dominates Emotional Footprint Category

We firmly believe there is no success without our customers' success. Our team goes to great lengths to understand your business case inside and out before designing the roll out of your solution. We want to deliver immediate value as well as anticipate the evolving needs of a scaling team. But meeting your goal is our first priority.

Accent Functionality and Capabilities Exceed Industry Standards

Accent overall scored competitively for industry standard functionality. Key areas where Accent outshined the market were our Content Management, Intelligent Search, Sales Onboarding and Training features, and our Multi-device capabilities (mobile). We also outscored the competition and exceeded expectations in the quality and availability of Accent System training.

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