Better Buying Experiences With AI-Driven Sales Enablement

With infinite information sources available to buying teams, the role of the seller in the buyer's journey is evolving. And with it comes an invaluable opportunity to set your organization apart.
In this 5-minute interview, Ton Verleg, Vice President of Global Sales Development at DHL, shares how Accent's platform helps his team challenge, guide, and support customers to differentiate their products and avoid competing solely on price.
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Get full visibility into sales activities and interactions

Marketing AI automatically captures all sales activity and buyer engagements (emails, calls, and meetings) and maps it to appropriate CRM accounts and opportunities. It also detects contacts from email threads and calendar events that have not been added yet to CRM to complete your understanding of the full buying team.

Deliver precise recommendations and next-best-steps

All the contact, activity, and situational data captured enables the AI to deliver hyper-relevant content recommendations or next-best-steps. Beyond the standard “stage, industry, and product” based recommendations you see from every other sales enablement platform.

Accurately measure performance and effectiveness  

With full visibility, you can begin to accurately measure the effectiveness of your team. See how content and sales plays influence key buying signals (such as new buyers to the table, additional meetings, etc.) and evaluate their contribution to closed business. Make data-backed decisions on content and coaching investments to improve your ROI and cut costs on ineffective collateral or processes.

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