Forecasting with facts

Improve forecast accuracy with real, empirical data and AI. Don’t waste any more time collecting “guess work” forecasts from reps and teams. It’s called “fact-based forecasting” and it substantially improves the visibility into your pipeline and accuracy of your forecasts.

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Sales AI auto-captures activity data

Capturing activity data lets you see the facts—how your sellers and buyers are engaging and communicating. It’s fundamental in understanding the true health of opportunities and accurately predicting whether and when a deal may close.

Sales AI analyzes opportunities

The Sales AI dynamically analyzes, diagnoses, and scores buyer engagements to expose and healthy opportunities from unhealthy. Now you can validate when the rep’s forecast claims are accurate or just hot air.

Sales AI paints clear pictures for accurate forecasting

The Sales AI doesn’t stop with analysis and scoring. It visualizes engagement activity data so you can quickly assess opportunity health enabling you to forecast much more accurately.

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