How Sales AI measures rep effectiveness

Learn how AI is enabling sales leaders to uncover what reps are actually doing and how effective they are at moving deals forward.

In this 30-minute webinar you will see practical examples of how you can apply AI to truly understand seller performance.

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How do you make sure you’re guiding your team toward success? How do you assess which sales activities are most impactful, which behaviors should be replicated, and which areas need improvement?

In this webinar you'll learn how AI is enabling sales leaders to uncover what reps are actually doing and how effective they are in moving deals from one stage to the next.  

Watch our 30-minute webinar where we explore how visibility into buyer/seller interactions through AI can “crack the code” to truly understand seller performance.

What you'll walk away with: 
  • How to auto-capture sales activities for analysis 
  • How to measure rep effectiveness [key metrics to focus on]
  • How to extract insights that improve seller performance


Nick Scahill

Sr. Solutions Consultant

More About this 6-Part Series

Our six-part webinar series covers key areas for applying AI to improve sales execution. Each webinar covers practical use cases on how you can take advantage of AI technology TODAY to improve your team's performance and increase your sales revenue.

Ep 01: Completing the Full Sales Picture
How you can get full visibility into seller-buyer interactions and visualize for better understanding [Get Replay Here]

Ep 02: Seller Performance Measurement
How you can capture seller activity levels and measure effectiveness [Request Replay Above]

Ep 03: Detecting Opportunity Health
How you can leverage AI to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy opportunities [Get Replay Here]

Ep 04: Uncovering True Pipeline Health - [Air Date: May 6, 2021]
How you can use AI to understand the health of your pipeline in early, mid, and late stages to know if you will meet your numbers

Ep 05: Determining Pipeline Velocity
How to measure the speed to closure of deals in the pipeline so you focus on critical deals in your forecast

Ep 06: Improving Forecast Accuracy
How you can use fact-based analysis to confirm healthy deals and remove risk

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