Completing the full sales picture

In the B2B world, the bigger the deal, the more complex the sale, and the more important visibility into sales situations becomes.  
But why is visibility so important? Because visibility affords control.  
Seeing what sales is doing and how buyers react to it is fundamental for measuring effectiveness and sharpening sales execution.  
But as important as visibility is, sales managers still struggle to find a trustworthy solution for gathering complete, accurate sales activity.  

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Manual mandatory, incentivized, or gamified methods can produce inaccurate (and inadequate) data. And automation solutions are usually limited to only gathering activities that take place in a specific system.  

So, what is the key to unlocking this black box? How do we set sales leaders up for revenue enablement success?   

Request your replay of the pilot episode our 6-part series. In this webinar we’ll address why visibility is so important, how to make sure you get it, and critical metrics you should be tracking to fuel your sales management practice.

What you'll walk away with: 
  • Critical metrics to pay attention to
  • Where that data resides (which data sources are most important)
  • What you can learn from it


Liz McChrystal

Accent Technologies

VP of Revenue Science

More About This 6-Part Series

Visibility into sales activities is only as powerful as your knowledge of what do to with it. Tune back in for the rest of our 6-part series. In each episode we’ll focus on an area of sales management and share real-life examples of how visibility and complete sales activity data can empower the revenue enablement effort.

The Non-negotiables of Sales Management Series

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