Add AI to Improve B2B Seller Efficiency and Effectiveness

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See Gartner’s perspective on how AI will empower sales

As AI creeps into more and more technologies, understanding how to best utilize its capabilities now will allow early adopters to reap significantly more rewards than those that wait.

So what areas can sales benefit from AI?  

Pictured is Gartner’s Vision for the AI Future of Sales.

At Accent Technologies, we have taken the areas shown and used AI to operationalize their benefits across the entire sales organization. The best part is this technology can start to deliver immediate value for the sales team – perfect historical data or rigid workflows are not necessary. 

Gartner’s Add AI to Improve B2B Seller Efficiency and Effectiveness states “AI works best when used to support B2B sales reps in their daily sales tasks, such as recommending which lead should be contacted first, or providing insights about a sales lead or customer. Employing AI in this way enables the enterprise to take advantage of AI's promise now.”

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