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Tracking sales rep activity — the elephant in the room

To most CEOs, boards of directors and sales leaders, B2B sales are an enigma. It’s a black box that provides limited visibility and inaccurate forecasts—causing great uncertainty and lots of discomfort.

Sales leaders simply don’t know what steps to take to improve sales productivity, gain more control, improve accuracy of forecasts, or deliver consistent results. But change is coming. 

Inspired by the efficiency formula of shipping giant UPS, All Right Turns sheds light on a revolutionary trend in B2B sales: tracking sales rep activity.

In this quickpaper, Accent CEO Pete McChrystal provides his personal insight into:

  • The root cause of sales inefficiency today
  • What best-in-class companies are doing to achieve UPS-level efficiency
  • How an “All Right Turns” approach to sales will change the way the world does business

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